RD-110 catechol-glycin non stain stand film developer

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    Year ago I was make some experiments with glycin/catechol developers. Both of this dev.agents working very good without agitation (stand). If they use as single dev.agent - we have sharp, but grainly result and loss 1 stop of film speed. Month ago I was continue working with this agents and found that they superadditive. Using glycin with catechol together dramatically decrease grain and develop film to default speed (no loss 1 stop).

    RD-110 film developer

    Part A
    Sodium sulfite 12.5g
    Glicin 5g
    Catechol 5g
    Sodium metabisufite 3g
    Potassium thiocyanate 1,3g
    Water 100ml

    Part B
    Sodium sulfite 12.5g
    Potassium carbonate 33g
    Water 100ml

    dilute 1+1+50 (pH=9.8). use oneshot. starting dev.time 15-20min 21C. agitation stand or semistand.

    Neopan SS 100@100, 20min 21C stand