Pyrocat HD Capacity

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    I hope "capacity" is the correct term, elsewhere I received lots of advice about time. The Formulary tech sheet enclosed says nothing about capacity.

    Situation: 6 sheets of Arista Edu Ultra 100 5" x 7", exposed ISO 50.

    Aim: Negs to be OK for salt printing.

    Procedure: one sheet at a time, in trays, no rush!

    Developer: Pyrocat HD 2+2+100 as recommended for the above printing.

    Would an experienced Pyrocatter:

    Use a litre per sheet and dump it?
    Use 500 ml per sheet and dump it?
    Use a litre for 1, 2, 3 4, 5 or 6 sheets.

    I'm aware that Pyrocat HD is comparatively cheap (however not so when USPS costs to Oz are included, but I'm working on local suppliers). As well I'm always pleased to minimise my exposure the dry chemistry required.

    BTW I just did it, sometimes using 500ml for one sheet, and sometimes 500ml for two sheets, and the results of printing either way seem encourging, which makes me wonder what the capacity is?

    Regards - Ross
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    I use 1.5 litres 2:2:100 for 8 sheets of 8x10. I never reuse the developer. Somewhere Sandy King has mentioned the capacity, but I can't remember the exact number.
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    Mar 26, 2003
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    If you develop with rotary agitation, say in Jobo or tubes, you can gete by with as little as 150ml of working solution, either 1:1:100 or 2:2:100 per sheet of 5X7 film. In fact, that is the amount I used in film testing.

    For development in tray you will need to use much more in order to keep all of the film covered. A liter for 5 or 6 sheets of 5X7 film should be more than enough. You should dump it after the first use.

    The only time I would re-use the developer is when I develop sheet film in tubes with minimal agitation, with the tubes in a light tight drum. In the arrangement is it necessary to use far more developer than is needed, and since there is very little agitation the solution does not oxidize very much. Even so, the second run of film will have slightly lower contrast than the first run.

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    I'm in Melbourne and have found suppliers for the various components, if you're interested in mixing your own. Let me know.

    John Stockdale