Project Basho Newsletter: October '08

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    Project Basho Newsletter: October ’08

    In This Issue

    * ONWARD '09 Announced
    * Friends of Project Basho: Membership Program
    * Gallery Talk: Koichiro Kurita & Stuart Rome, Friday 6:45 pm
    * Movie Night, Wednesday at 7 pm
    * Informal Critique, Sunday, October 25 at 4 pm
    * Upcoming Events at Basho
    * Upcoming Classes & Workshops

    ONWARD '09 Announced
    We are pleased to announce ONWARD '09, our annual juried photography competition exclusively featuring the work of new and emerging photographers. This is our 2nd year, and we are inviting Peter Barberie, Curator of Photographs at The Philadelphia Museum of Art to be the juror. The deadline is November 14th, 2008. For more information, please download the entry form from our website.

    The theme for the competition is open, and any photographic medium including but not limited to historical processes, traditional silver printing, chromogenic printing and digital processes can be submitted for consideration. Selected photographers’ work will be featured in a group exhibition at Project Basho Gallery. Further recognition will be awarded in the form of cash awards and opportunities for a two-person show at Project Basho Gallery.

    Last year's competition attracted close to 300 national and international photographers who submitted over 1200 images. Andrea Modica, last year’s juror, selected 59 photographs for the show at Project Basho Gallery, which was held in January and February 2008. During the opening reception in January, over 200 people attended the occasion to celebrate the selected work. You can see the selected photographers' work on the ONWARD '08 Web Gallery.

    We look forward to your submission this year.


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    Friends of Project Basho: Membership Program

    We are introducing Friends of Project Basho, a new membership program. This membership program will entitle you to many benefits and more involvement at Project Basho.

    We are planning many special events for members. November 1st, we are taking a NY gallery trip to visit many photography galleries in the city. Starting in Midtown, we will go through established galleries such as Edwynn Houk and Howard Greenberg to see the current exhibitions. Also, we will go to Chelsea area to see more exhibitions at some up and coming galleries.

    We hope to create a stronger community with this membership program at Project Basho.

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    "Koichiro Kurita: Landscape as Metaphor" & Gallery talk

    As part of the ongoing exhibition "Koichiro Kurita: Landscape as Metaphor," we are organizing a gallery talk between Koichiro Kurita and Stuart Rome on Friday 24th at 6:45 pm.

    This will be an informal conversation between two established landscape photographers on their approach to landscape photography and their perception of the environment as well as their relationship to nature.

    We have published an interview with Koichiro Kurita on Featured Photographers at Basho. Jessica Hoffman has done a great interview to understand what is behind his images.

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    Movie Night

    Informal Critique on Sunday, October 25 at 4 pm

    Our bi-monthly informal critique is scheduled for Sunday, October 25th at 4 pm. If you have a photography project or simply a collection of photographs which you would like to share, this would be a great opportunity to meet like-minded photographers. If you are interested in the occasion, please contact us.

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    Upcoming events at Basho
    Movie Night
    October 22nd at 7 pm
    Between Frames: Koichiro Kurita & Sturat Rome
    October 24th, at 6:45 pm
    Admission: $10 for general public/$5 for students
    Informal Critique
    October 26th, 6:45 pm

    Upcoming Classes & Workshops

    Nude: Light & Form (Satuday & Sunday, November 1 & 2)
    - This workshop is designed to create an heightened awareness for form, light, and an appreciation of the human figure. This workshop is presented in three session.

    Cultural Landscape (Saturday & Sunday, November 8 & 9)
    - During this workshop we will explore how the photographer portrays the culture's impact upon the environment and the environment's impact upon the culture. We will look for ways of working that are true both to the reality of the culture observed and the photographer's artistic response to it
    Introduction to Color Printing (November 14, 28, December 5, & 12, 4 Fridays)
    - This four-week class is for those who want to make color prints in the darkroom from your own negatives. This class will help you to become familiar with color theory and color correction, thus gaining a basic understand of color printing.

    Matting and Framing (One-day workshop: Saturday, November 15)
    - This one day workshop for those who want to learn how to mat and frame your own photographs in order to complete the process. Matting and framing of your photographs are relatively easy to learn and give a sense of "completion" to prints. Students will learn both how different components of framing will work together and the skills and techniques for doing a proper job.

    Portfolio Case Making (One-day workshop, Sunday, November 16)
    - In this workshop you will learn how to make a 11x14x1 lipped clamshell portfolio box. These portfolios are made to archival standards, are one of a kind, and ideal for that special presentation of your work.

    Project Basho
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