Project Basho Newsletter April '09: Explore Further and Farther With Your Photography

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    Project Basho Newsletter: April ’09

    In This Issue

    • Destination Trips for Photographers 2009
    • Workshop Schedule for Summer '09
    • Rental Digital Workstations Available
    • Project Basho on Flickr
    • Upcoming Events at Basho
    • Upcoming Classes & Workshops

    Destination Trips for Photographers 2009


    We finalized the schedule for this year's destination trips for photographers. We have three exciting trips planned to France, Japan, and the American Southwest. The details of each trip are available on our website.

    This year, we are inviting Andrea Modica to our well received trip to Kanazawa and the Noto Peninsula, Japan organized by Tsuyoshi Ito, the Program Director at Project Basho. She will lead critiques and informal workshop components during the trip to the countryside of Japan. Her presence will only make this unique trip more special. You can read the blog from last year to get the gist of this trip.

    Workshop Schedule for Summer '09

    Our summer schedule is available on our website. This semester we are offering even more classes and workshops for photography enthusiasts.

    This time, we are inviting two NY-based photographers to run unique workshops. H. Eugene Foster, who teaches and runs the digital facility at International Center for Photography will lead the Photographs and Text workshop. Creatively combining images and texts has always been a fascination for photographers, and this workshop will cover the topic more in depth.

    We are also inviting Vincent Cianni, a documentary photographer whose project on skaters in Brooklyn turned into an award-winning book. Mr. Cianni will teach "The Narratives in Photography" where participants will explore the possibility of creating narratives with their own images and texts. This is a great workshop to learn how to organize and edit your images to effectively create a "story."

    For a complete list of classes and workshops, please visit our website. Registration is on a first come first serve basis. Please fill out the online registration form or contact us at 215-238-0928.

    Rental Digital Workstations Available

    We now offer a range of classes and workshops on digital photography. We also offer rental digital workstations and an inkjet printer. We have 6 iMacs workstations equipped with Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver and an Epson 3800 printer capable of printing up to 17"x22". Workstations are available at an hourly rate.

    We are hoping to add other features such as film scanners and wide inkjet printer this fall to serve those who need access to full featured digital facility.

    The details of the rental workstations are on our website.

    Project Basho on Flickr

    Now images of some of our events and workshops are now posted on our Flickr site. This will give you an idea of what’s going on at the studio. Events like ONWARD, Koichiro Kurita's exhibition, and the Daguerreotype Demonstration by Takashi Arai are all posted.

    Also, if you have a flickr account, please add us to your contact list. We are happy to do the same.

    Upcoming Events at Basho

    Movie Night: Manufactured Landscapes
    April 29th
    Admission: Free

    Upcoming Classes & Workshops

    Matting and Framing (Saturday, May 2)
    - This one day workshop for those who want to learn how to mat and frame your own photographs in order to complete the process. Matting and framing of your photographs are relatively easy to learn and give a sense of "completion" to prints.

    Learning Your Digital SLR (One-Day Class, Saturday, May 9 & Sunday, May 10)
    - This class will show you how to take advantage of the most modern sophisticated cameras for your creative needs.

    Portfolio Case Making (Saturday, May 9)
    - In this workshop you will learn how to make a 11x14x1 lipped clamshell portfolio box. These portfolios are made to archival standards, are one of a kind, and ideal for that special presentation of your work.

    Creating Digital Negatives with Quadtone RIP
    (Saturday & Sunday, May 16 & 17)
    - Digital negatives are an essential component of a hybrid work-flow that uses the best of old-style film technology combined with the latest digital methods. This two-day workshop will teach use of the Quadtone RIP to make full size contact printing negatives that equal or surpass analog film negatives.

    Interpretative B&W Printing (Saturday & Sunday, May 23 & 24)
    - Prints in your portfolio should be able to communicate your ideas and worldview or simply represent the type of photographs that interest you. They are the final pieces which stand between you as a photographer and the audience. If you have been working on your portfolio and would like feedback and support on your prints, then this workshop is for you.

    Photographic Vision II
    (Wednesdays, May 27 - Aug 5)
    - This course is a continuation of Photographic Vision I. The emphasis of this course will be placed on understanding the relationship between exposure, film processing, and printing. Students will spend most of their time in the darkroom, exploring the use of fiber base paper, fine-tuned contrast adjustment, dodging and burning, and the different tones of papers.

    Re-Introduction to Photography
    (Thursdays, May 28 - June 25)
    - This is a five-week class for those who have taken a photography class before and who want a refresher course. The main emphasis will be placed on the thorough overview of basic technical skills such as understanding of a camera, proper exposure, effects of shutter speeds and apertures, as well as composition. In the darkroom the class will cover the basic procedures of film processing and printing concisely and thoroughly.

    Project Basho

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