Portrait Studios in the East Coast, U.S. (research)

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    I am doing research based on the most prominent photographic studios established on the East Coast of the U.S at the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century. I am interested in understanding the development of these types of businesses in the U.S.; their establishment as well as the reasons that might have motivated most of the original owners to close them.
    I have been able to compile a list of the studios that I want to know more about and their respective locations. I would appreciate any information about any of these photo studios.
    In New York:
    Aimé Dupont, L. Alman & Co., The Carbon Studio, Campbell Studios,Curtis Bell, Koshiba Studio, W. Kurtz Studio, Underwood & Underwood
    In Boston:
    Notman studio, Bachrach studio
    In Providence:
    Koshiba studio (branch), The Biltmore
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    I don't know much about these studios other than seeing examples of some of their work from time to time. One thing I know, the Notman Studio was also in Montreal, I believe, and the McCord Museum there may have information on it. At least they have a very fun game about it on their website.


    I would also think that the George Eastman House might be able to provide some information.


    And the Bachrach Studio is still in business. You could go straight to the horses mouth for their history!

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