Pictographs Thanks To Ortho+

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    Regarding my post asking advice about a film for photographing pictographs: Capture of an ancient* low contrast pictograph image was facilitated by using Ortho+ film and Technidol developer (both Ilford products). This image has been placed in the APUG Gallery; the difference in meter readings between the pictograph and rock face upon which it was placed showed a 1-stop differential. Achievement of this is thanks to a APUG input from a member whose handle I do not recall (shame on me) and a favorable response from an Ilford Technician that advised me how much to increase the Technicol concentration for the high contrast method listed on their data sheet (this was after testing one of my negatives of this scene where I found I was not getting close to the contrast needed). IMO this film is better than Kodak’s discontinued Tech Pan film. *Attributed by archeologists to the Fremont era of North American inhabitants of the Colorado Plateau and the eastern Great Basin area from 400 A.D. to 1350 A.D