Photokina 2012: New Jobo film processor CPP3 and good news about photochemistry

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    This is a repost, i hope in the right place from two earlier posts:

    1. See original post ( All in all, in a mega show like Photokina, where digital photography dominates over all, it was wonderful to see so many companies offering film based products. From old time camera companies such as Linhof and Rolleiflex now offering a whole new line of film based cameras (albeit with digital conversion options) to newly emerging companies such as the employee buy out AGFAphoto which is now offering APX100 and CT precisia (E-6) films, and many small and specialized darkroom and other high end analog product manufacturers. Many other companies have re invented them selves to match the demands of this new market, creating a market specific product and adjusting their service and production towards a specialized nieche business model. Though this means the universality of film based photography might have been diminished, it is amazing to see the level of dedication this new business model has created.

    It seems that not only is film after all not dead, but in fact it is supporting a whole new commercial segment. One which commands the respect of many dedicated users, some of whom were not even born when companies like Agfa went in to receivership for the first time. This is a new world of film users, with new demands and needs, new standards and a whole new view of the world through silver based imaging.

    The future of film and film processing has not seemed to bright in a long time.

    2. See original post here ( The Jobo booth at photokina was a bustling hub of interest for the many film users who visited Photokina this year. Jobo is amongst the few companies offering analog photographic film products who were represented in the show, and is one of the only companies in the world currently offering a unique film processing system that is suitable for both home and low volume users as well as major top end photo labs offering industry standard film processing.

    For the first time at the show, Jobo has publicly shown the very much anticipated new film processor - the CPP3. This machine is the first new film processor design in many years and one of very few currently available film processing machine. The Jobo CPP3, along with the Jobo tank system is a stand alone system, that encompases the ability to process any analog photographic media from BW roll film, to 20X24 inch sheets of RA4 paper or ULF in practically any format and process available.