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    I would like to take the time and welcome all new users to our little family. I have been a subscriber nearly as long as I have been here. A subscriber not only has access to more features than do mere members, but they have also made a statement about their dedication to film photography. Sean created this site (albeit not in this present form) in 2002 and it has grown since by leaps and bounds. And this growth has been directly attributed to the paid subscriptions of photographers hopefully such as yourself. Everything made through paid subscriptions and APUG merchandise sales goes directly to the maintanence and upgrading of this wonderful source for film photography support. I would encourage each of you to take the next step and contribute to the continuity of APUG as a voice for future film photographers as well as for those of us who are already here. Please, fill out the form and pay the small fee to join this wonderful group and see all that we have to offer you. Thank you and please enjoy the site.