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    Aug 19, 2004
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    In spite of what Ted Orland may say ....

    Blaine Gunsul and myself have a new exhibit opening tonight
    in Fresno at the Spectrum Art Gallery.

    Our official reception is this Sunday from 2:00 - 6:00 pm.

    The show will be up until Sept. 28th.

    The title is : Light, Silver, & Time.

    The exhibition statement is :

    The interaction of light and silver in photographic image making is used by these two photographers in studies impacted by time.

    Whether the photograph is of the effects visited on old wood and paint by the passage of time, or on time’s erosion of sandstone and granite – each explores the world in which we live using traditional, silver based photographic media.

    Light effects silver salts to form the image. Time controls both the duration of light impacting the silver, and the dynamic effect of the ageing process of the subject matter. Using these essential photographic and environmental interactions, each artist imparts his own vision through his prints. The previsualized compositions show the way each photographer sees the scene in its final presentation. This may depart significantly from the way any given subject may have looked to begin with, but that is the essential core of each man’s creative interpretation.

    Both photographers have an extensive background in the use of traditional large format black and white photography. The use of silver based materials is a choice – based on the media’s ability to convey unique tonalities and textures coupled with each artist’s technical skills and training.

    In this day of high tech art forms, the high touch art form offers satisfactions and rewards to both the creator and the viewer.

    Spectrum Gallery is a non profit co-op that has operated in Fresno
    for over 20years. We are now in a new location in what is known
    as the Tower district of town.

    Spectrum's website is

    Anyone traveling through the Great Central Valley of California
    is invited to check it out.

    Feel free to contact me for any other particulars.