Need help with Polaroid Spectra System Filter Set?

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    Feb 24, 2012
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    Hey all,

    I purchased a filter set for my Spectra System. I've been searching for some kind of guide or manual as to what effect, each one is supposed to be for and can find NOTHING out there. :confused:

    I started this as a "please help me" post, until I opened up my latest delivery. I had ordered a Spectra kit, that included the filter set, but I didn't realize it came with the filter guide until a minute ago. So I get to be the helper after all!

    Here are the filters in this kit, I see there was one other set out there but I haven't run across that one on eBay, or Etsy as of yet.

    1. F101 - Motion Filter
    2. F102 - Red Center Spot Filter
    3. F103 - Starburst Filter
    4. F104 - Multi-Image 3 Filter
    5. F105 - Multi-Image 5 Filter

    So...If you are looking for info on the Polaroid Spectra "Special Effects" set, I have it. PM me for more info. I'm just trying to give something back to the great community on APUG. :D