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    Hello All:I started a thread in this forum a month or so ago about a mystery camera someone had given me.A number of you responded with info about it.Well I believe I have found it on page 358 of the 2005/2006 McKeowns price guide.If anyone can confirm this info I would be most appreciative.It is a 9x12 cm. plate camera manufactured by Taro-Tenax up to the Zeiss-Ikon period.It is a Model 2 with a double extension bellows with a Syntor 130 mm Dopp Anastigmat lens in a compund shutter.These cameras with the double extension bellows were manufactured from 1920 to 1926.If anyone can tell me what plate/film holders would go with this camera,as well as any roll film holders, I would be in their debt.


    Doug :smile: