my "new" old camera mystery

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    Mar 22, 2008
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    i purchased an old tailboard camera. 5x7 or 13x18 in cm, bookform plate holder, goerz berlin doppel anastigmat 240mm lens series III no 4, thornton pickard shutter (not working). the camera says on the label rossi y lavarello optica y fotografia buenos aires, it also says kolux. i can't find anything out about the kolux brand or about rossi y lavarello. the last thing the photographer's name is on the flange, eugenio widmayer. he had a store in buenos aires. i got the camera from a man in phoenix who bought it in a shop in a ghost town in new mexico 25 years ago. i'm trying to research the camera and the photographer and this is about what i have. any help would be much appreciated.