More on base for coating - triacetate and NaOH

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    Hi all,

    I had received an answer from a post last year about how to treat uncoated film base for emulsion coating. And a very helpful member suggest to use NaOH to treat the base before. I was using clear polyester film leader and the procedure helped a bit but some parts of the film were still friable. Today I've read in wikipedia that TRI-acetate can be saponified with NaOH and this is used for avoiding static. So, maybe the NaOH should be used with triacetate base and the soap structure would permit the gelatin to stick. Would anyone have an idea about it? Also, I've been searching around for film base, and I am still waiting for orwo's (filmotec) answer about the precoated leader. However, they do have a clear film base with an antistatic layer:

    Would you guys think that this layer would hold up the film? Muchias Gracias!!!