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Discussion in 'System Announcements' started by Sean, Oct 22, 2005.

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    Some may have noticed this discussion in another thread, so I am posting an announcement to layout the basics of what will happen in the near future. I'll use this thread to update the progress.

    A Membership Moderation Team will be formed. This will consist of the site owner, the forums moderation team, and a group of 20 APUG subscribers. This team will have APUG's best interest at heart, and can make motions to remove individuals which they feel are causing harm to our community. I'll post what I stated in the other thread:

    It has nothing to do with people being worthy or not. What is has to do with is steering the atmosphere of APUG, so that APUG can be a positive and friendly community that allows people to form friendships, exchange ideas, and have healthy debate. I do not want any squashing of passion or flow of information and a sanitized environment. It's merely a way so those with APUG's best interest at heart can say "wow, this guy really is damaging our community", and begin a process to discuss it, warn the individual, and if needed remove them via a vote". Like many people have said before this is a private forum. APUG needs to work much harder to secure it's true identity and atmosphere, then ensure it stays that way so the overwhelming majority enjoy their stay here..

    The team members that are invited to be a part of this will have a long history of positive contribution and passion for the community. More details to follow over the next several days. Feel free to PM me if you have any concerns. Thanks, Sean
Thread Status:
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