Melles Griot Electronic Shutter with 150mm

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    I believe these were for CRT Oscilloscope use. Not sure.


    They were the final final form of the classic Ilex #3 shutters. No mechanical guts anymore though. They stay open with about 9 - 12 volts DC as long as applied, then close. Threads are the same. Anything threaded for an Ilex 3 will fit one of these. Got an application??


    The lens is funky. Weird edges, not suitable for normal photos. I've seen some guys doing soft focus with them. Single coated. Worth noting, the flange thingy you see at the back has a long fine thread. I think on a wood box camera it would work for almost an inch of in - out focusing. $85 + shippingUSD
    Price : 85.00