Mamiya 7 65mm lens problem

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    Dec 4, 2007
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    My 65mm lens for my M7II has developed a fault. When used in A or AE mode, the over exposure triangle on the far right of the viewfinder flashes continually, regardless of the actual light levels. The weird thing is, this fault only occurs when the lens is focussed betweeen the 1m and 7m marks. Between 7m and infinity the meter works correctly, ie the triangle stops flashing and a speed is displayed in the finder.

    The problem is with the lens; my 80mm works fine on the same body. Have cleaned contacts on both lens and camera, and have tried fresh battery. Problem remains. The lens does fire at the correct speed when camera is in manual mode.

    It seems as though the slight physical extension of the lens as it racks out slightly for closer focus is causing a short or a disconnection in the lens's wiring somewhere.

    I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions or has experienced a similar problem. I'm guessing that this is gonns be a repair job so equally, if anyone has any recommendations for a good repairer for M7 lenses it'd be good to hear from you. I'm in the UK and if at all possible would like to avoid the substantial fee that the official UK distributor Johnson's Photopia are likely to quote me...:smile: