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    Apr 12, 2004
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    I was in a local mall here in Vancouver and stopped at the bag-luggage store to look for a backpack for my 8x10 setup.

    I found, which seems to be an amazing deal, a backpack for $20Cnd.

    It is 14" wide and 7" deep and 20" or so high. My complete 8x10 stuff fits in it(with 2 lenses 4 holders and film and storing boxes and many accesories)
    there are tons of pockets, straps and water holders.

    + there is still space to take my 4x5 stuff.. I can not beleive this.. I attached some pictures.

    Harness seems to be fine, its nothing like a lowepro harness but it should be fine for short hikes.

    If any of you would liek to purchase this camera it comes to $23cnd with taxes + the actuall shipping and i will send you one. I am not looking to make money out of this, just want to help some people out.
    if you are interested, drop me a line at denomerdano@hotmail.com

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