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    Feb 18, 2007
    Set: In a darkened room, no interior light source, filming out a glass window with antiglare properties at a distance of about 7 feet to catch a brightly lit object. I have the iris practically closed to compensate for the brightness which in the image makes the room dark but the image outside the window bright and clear. But then I open the iris and the brightness flows in creating an overexposure of light at the window And at the same time I let in full direct sunlight from behind me and to my left yet the image in the window remains overexposed. Shouldn't the sunlight washout the overexposure in the window from the outside light source since, after all the sunlight is so much brighter than the light source out the window? Or is the overexposure from the outside source normal still? Will I need to close the iris again somewhat to reduce the overexposure effect I'm getting in the antiglare window.
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    wow, you make it all sound so complicated, you definately need to reduce the size of your aperture, adding more light to the rest of the room has no effect on the brightness from the window. It's only one sun but in your situation it's two separate light sources, changing one does not change the other.