Leica M3 set or individual.

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    Early M3 double stroke, pushing excellent condition. Sn706XXX. CLA done before I bought it 3-4 months ago. It has no seal. The screw for the rewind knob is damaged. Whoever did it used the wrong size screw driver.
    Shutter speeds sound to be OK, viewfinder/rangefinder is accurate & bright. Vulcanite has been replaced with a leatherette like Aki-Ashi or Camera leather.
    There are bright marks on the top from a Leica meter and a small peck mark on the back edge of the bottom cover. With instruction booklet & crappy case.

    50mm f2 Dual Range Summicron. No eyes/goggles. Sn157XXXX. Glass and cosmetics are excellent. Focus is smooth, aperture is clean and most importantly NOT EVEN A HINT of cleaning marks, scratches or fungus Comes with Leica front cap & 39mm Leica UVa filter.

    21mm f4 Voigtlander Color-Skopar. Sn9160XXX. Glass has no cleaning wisps, marks, scratches or fungus. Comes with viewfinder, optional rectangular hood, ltm->M adapter, 39mm Leica SL filter, Leica front cap, modified rear cap to clear rear element.
    The front glass on the VF is heavily marked/scratched but usable.

    28mm f 2.8 Elmarit V3 Sn297XXXX. Glass has no cleaning wisps, marks, scratches or fungus. Focus and aperture are smooth, no oil on blades, no paint wear on barrel. The numbers on the focusing ring at 3,4 & 5 feet are a little dirty, but legible. Comes with 28mm Leica viewfinder, Leica 49mm front cap, rear cap, 49mm Leica UVa filter and 12536 lens hood.
    There is paint wear on the front edge of the filter and a crack in the mounting ring of the hood.
    There is also a crack in the front lens of the viewfinder, it is noticeable when looking at the front or, if you are looking through the finder and looking downward. It is about 3mm long and looks like a scratch, but I'm sure it's a crack.

    There is a small adapter I made for the viewfinders. It's visible in the photo with the lenses and hoods.

    As a package I'm asking $2175.00.
    This includes shipping by Priority Mail and insurance here in the US.
    Paypal is preferred and I pay the fees.
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    How much for the individual items? I'm possibly interested in the DR.

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    I too am interested...sent you a message about the 21mm yesterday.