Larger than 20x24 from 45MX

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    Nov 25, 2004
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    I am currently building out my darkroom, 14 x 14 x 8 feet in a basement.

    Gear-wise I am using a 45MX for 35mm, panoramic 35mm ( 24 x 65 ) and 6x6. I am projecting with 50 & 90 APO Rodagon's and a 150 5.6 non-APO Rodagon.

    What I am hoping to do is build a drop table for as large as I can go without tilting the head, but need an idea for distance for when I do go larger then the table can handle and I am thinking of a moving vacum easel that either hangs from a track and folds when not in use or a dolly / moveable type.

    If none of those are doable, a wall mounting ( easel ) situation might be an option....or would it be better to wall mount the D2....

    I am not looking at getting into 30" roll paper until next year, but want to be thinking ahead if I can get away with a 30 x 30 square of it into the drop table for prints from 6x6.

    I have dreams of doing 30" x 70" prints from XPan negs...:smile:

    Any thoughts?
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    Jun 1, 2003
    Good Afternoon, PKM-25,

    Several decades ago, I made some prints on (I think) 30-inch paper. They were probably about 30 x 40, if I recall correctly. My negatives were 4 x 5, and I used a 135mm lens. I moved the enlarger to the edge of the table, clamped it in place, removed the baseboard, and projected onto the floor. My "easel" was a piece of Masonite with the paper taped down to it. A cut-out of the table and removal of the baseboard should accomplish the same thing, provided that nothing such as a table leg intrudes on the space. Size could be adjusted with the enlarger head position or simply with bricks or blocks or ???? to raise or lower whatever you use for an easel. I'd try to use vertical projection if possible, because everything tends to stay aligned more easily that way.