large wood copy camera in sacramento

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    Dec 14, 2003
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    FYI, there is a large wood robertson copy camera for sale in sacramento.

    I went and looked at it today. Its on a focusing rail about 5 feet long. The front and rear standards are about 24" by 24". The lens on it is an uncoated 300mm f4.5 ziess tessar.

    I am not sure if someone could convert it to something useable, but it certainly makes a nice conversation piece.

    if anyone is interested they are selling it via blind auction. (highest bidder, but you dont know what other people are bidding on it)

    **I am not afiliated with the sellers, I just dont want any good photo equipment to go to waste.

    heres the link to the listing:

    (interestingly enough, I was actually looking for tools when i chanced upon the listing)