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    May 9, 2011
    Hello guys, i have secured 3 rolls of frozen EIR, totalling £70. A great deal! I have been itching to try it out and plan to get a few more rolls if i like it, will ask around here even.
    I want to use it for artistic use, i want some family portraits in my grandparents 'enchanted' garden, among a few other things.

    Now there are a few things i need to know.

    I home process E6, piece of cake so no worry about being fogged by a lab or infrared equipment (will handle in total darkness).
    The following points i have taken into account.

    1. When energy saving lights are turned off, i worry they might continue to emit IR light for a while. Like the glow they emit for a while after being turned off. Never had a problem with any other panchromatic material after 3 or so minutes off, but same for IR? Leave the lights out in my flat for at least half an hour?
    2. Convector heater to be shut off as well (does not emit any visible light, but not sure on IR.
    3. I know to load and unload in total darkness.
    4. after looking at examples, prefer results produced by an orange filter, i have secured a hoya one.
    5. Shoot at 200 (TTL metering), and bracket.
    The following i am concerned about.

    I will use like 10 exposures per session and cut the film in total darkness, and return to its canister and freezer. When i go and visit my family for a weekend in the new year I will load the camera before leaving, and will process on the spot upon my return. I am concerned however, about it's life out of the fridge. I know manufacturers usually recommend tighter rules than what most things can allow, but according to kodak it lasts a week at ambient temperature of 24C, ambient temperature will sit around 18C. It will be out of the fridge for a weekend. Many say process within 24 / 72 hours, or it degrades. a very unstable latent image. Seems tight and a bit exaggerated. I will not have access to my chemicals for the weekend, and will be the last thing on my mind at the time. I am more concerned about leaving it out of the fridge as it is a bad idea to put the camera in the fridge, although I could put it in my parent's pantry which has an ambient temperature of about 12C. My freezer compartment in my flat (all film minus B/W is in the fridge) is tiny but i will accommodate for EIR. Kodak recommend -18 to -23C, this one is about -10.

    How robust is this film, and would how i plan to handle it be detrimental in any way?

    Thanks and hope everyone is having a merry christmas!

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    Apr 14, 2008

    When it was still made (£12 per roll) I used to aim to get it through the camera in one day, but I never rushed it to a lab, I'll bet it used to sit around for days (probably the next weekend) before being posted off. I never refrigerated film back then. I've always thought HIE was more sensitive than EIR - I used to load it in subdued light, not total darkness like HIE.

    I prefer a yellow filter, sepia is interesting too.

    Have you thought about waiting until spring to shoot? There's not much alive this time of year and at £23 per roll you want to get the best out of it.