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    hi guys,

    thought i'd post these links to cheapie airlines

    we've travelled air transat before - they go from dublin and shannon

    there is also a charter that markets itself "a canadian affair" (fintan, stop laughing)... they go from belfast, also from loads of places in the UK (gatwick etc) if you didn't mind hopping over to london first.

    if you are willing to go via the states there are always seat sales on aer lingus to nyc or newark. it's only about a 70 minute flight from new york city to toronto, and there are usually about 15 -20 flights a day to toronto from most nyc airports. the downside is that immigration and customs lines are usually long, but that's gonna be true for london transfers as well.


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    I know this is about planning for the Elevator workshop but thought I would throw my 2 cents in for western Canada. AirTransat also has direct flights Manchester to Calgary. I flew last Oct round trip for Cdn$ 525 and from Manchester took an inexpensive Ryanair to Dublin. Might be an option for those who want to go to the workshop and them come and see the best part of Canada :wink: by flying in to Toronto and back from Calgary.

    One thing to watch with AirTransat is their carry on baggage limits which are lower than most airlines, especially since some flights are code shared with Thomas Cook. They were quite strict in Oct and I saw them reject a number of pieces belonging to other passengers. There is no option to pay for excess - it either meets the limits or goes in checked. I had to ask my wife to help carry film as the weight limit was 5Kg for each of us. The carry on limit is a single piece (and they mean it - my wife's purse had to go in her carry on) and 43 x 28 x 23 cm (17 x 11 x 9 in.) I just managed to get my cameras inside the weight limit by putting the Mamiya 6 body in the pocket of my coat!

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