Ilfotec HC... replenisher? Not sure.

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    Nov 1, 2011
    When purchasing a used camera, the previous owner also gave me an old, almost full bottle of Ilfotec HC along. I've happily been using it, but when I received it, the bottle was really nasty with stains from syrup running down all around it, and it was stored in a plastic bag to (mostly) avoid leaving marks everywhere.

    After using it like that for a while, I decided to clean the bottle, it shouldn't leak on its own. (It doesn't.) After cleaning it I read the label for the first time and was surprised, it seems it says it's actually not regular Ilfotec HC, but Ilfotec HC Replenisher?
    So far it's worked just fine using dilutions and times for plain Ilfotec HC but seeing that Ilford's documents says to not use the replenisher as developer I wonder if I should stop using it. Alternatively, I'm considering moving to using it replenished.

    Can anyone shed some light on this?
    It would be especially great if someone has access to an old Ilford catalogue and can look up the catalogue number, 532025.

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