Ilford 400HS VC head on a Leitz 1C enlarger

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    I picked up one of these at a nice price and was wondering if anyone has any experience with the Leitz 1C and the Ilford 400HS head. It sure seems like a nice setup, but I'm curious about one thing and that's the condenser position. The head has a 35mm mixing chamber installed(can go up to 6x7) with a white diffusion plate on the bottom and this all sits above the condenser. Now, in normal operation, using the original Leitz light source, the condenser is lowered down directly on top of the negative/carrier via a handle/lever on the condenser unit. This design was to insure good even illumination along with keeping the negative flat. When I received this unit it has the Ilford 400HS head attached and the condenser unit installed, but with the 3mm spacer in the condenser spring housing, which doesn't let the condenser rest on the negative at all. The condenser glass is about that same 3mm away from the carrier. I'm wondering if this is setup right? I didn't know you could or should use these Ilfospeed Muti-grade heads with condensers in the first place. At one time I did have a Beseler 45V-XL with Ilfords 500 Multi-Grade head and there were no condensers between the mixing chamber and the negative with that setup. Any thoughts? JW