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  1. Deniz

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    Apr 12, 2004
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    I am sorry that i forgot to introduce myself before participating in the forums. so here i am trying to make up for it.

    I am Deniz Merdanogullari. I was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1983, i am now residing in Vancouver, Canada and studying visual arts.
    I started photography with my dad's Minolta ST101 many years ago and after that its all downhill.

    My current system includes

    -Nikon F5 and many lenses and accesories ( i barely use it but i just don't have the guts to sell it, after all its an F5)

    -Minolta SRT101(still a good workhorse, loaded with Infrared film all the time)

    -Yashica C TLR( Ugliest looking TLR in the world thanks to me. I stipped most of the leatherette on it)

    -Graflex Crown Graphic 4x5(my first introduction to large format and the end of my 35mm era...)

    -Ikeda Anba 4x5 wood field (when i got this one it was in a terrible condition, fixed it up nice and its my main camera right now)

    -Rochester optical Co. Carlton 8x10 camera(found this in a camera swap meet, had to buy it, its from 1890s, as you all know, once you start going big, there is no going back)

    -A fridge load of film(what good is an 8x10 camera if you don't have any film for it)

    My photographs mostly are landscape shots, i love being out in the nature and soaking the nature in me, a photograph i take is just an excuse to get out there again. I've been working on some still life and portraits lately with my LF gear. Just finished setting up my primitive contact print darkroom in the basement. I will be receiving my AZO pretty soon.
    I am really interested in many alternative processeses but i am really big of a chicken to try one, i may need some encouragement.
    What kind of lab equipment do i need to get going? Is it hard? or hard but worth the effort? I am more interested in Kallitypes, cyanotypes, Albumen printing, maybe POP papers, I don't want oil pigment printings since ive been doing that in my school for a year and i hate the mess!!!!

    I am also a lead guitar in a Blues-jazz band
    i paint.. not very often but i do
    I am a professional BMX-Flatland rider(those guys you see on TV some times that do tricks that look like ballet on a bike)

    so thats about raps it up.. if you have any questions about me or anything please ask.. iam a really nice guy.. i assure you :smile:

    Also i would love to meet any other photographers in my area.. maybe we can go out for a photo field trip or something...
    good bye all..

    Here is a link to my portfolio.. doesn't have much large format stuff but gives some idea about my subject matter http://www.usefilm.com/photographer/12592.html
  2. Leon

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    Dec 1, 2003
    Kent, Englan
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    welcome Deniz - i love the BMX shots... reminds me of my youth, riding the skateboard park halfpipe, upsetting the boarders on my BMX. hmmmm. It feels like an age away now.
  3. Doug Bennett

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    Jun 25, 2003
    Welcome, Deniz. You're living in a nice part of the world for landscape photography.

    My 15 year old son is learning to shoot with his grandfather's (my dad) SRT-101.