FS: Vintage 1950s Ansco and Kodak Paper

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    For sale is a lot of super expired Ansco and Kodak paper. Most expired in 1950 but I’m listing as much as I can about each box or envelope. Some of the stuff is still usable, and some of it has a decent amount of fog. I did some printing on the clearer papers and was very surprised with the feel of the paper and the unique surface. So here goes:

    I’ve photographed all of the boxes. The small pieces on the front are test strips that I ran straight through chemistry to check fogging and paper finishes. I think the taped test strips will come off of the envelopes without hurting them too much but I’m not sure and I don’t want to find out.The boxes and envelopes show their age but they are quite nostalgic.

    4x5 100-sheet boxes:
    Cykora Grade 2 “Kashmir White” -expired June, 1951
    --I don’t know how many sheets, the 100 sheet box seems quite full. But it has very little fog compared to the others.
    Cykora Grade 3 “Kashmir White” -expired Oct. 1, 1951
    --8 sheets, quite heavy fog.
    Cykora Grade 1 “Kashmir White” -expired Feb. 1, 1951
    --65 sheets and very little fog.

    4.25x5.5 100-sheet box:
    Kodak Azo E-2 Double Weight Deckle Edge -expired Apr. 1952
    --There are 38 sheets, with heavy fog and some strong curves in the paper base

    5x7 25-Sheet envelopes:
    Cykora Grade 3 “Glossy” single weight -expired Dec. 1, 1950
    --I have written on my sticky note that there are 4 half-sheets +5, shows heavy fogging.
    Cykora Grade 3 “Kashmir White” double weight -expired Nov. 1, 1950
    --5.25 sheets left, heavy fog
    Brovira Grade 3 “Velvet” double weight -expired June, 1951
    --4 sheets heavy fogging
    Brovira Grade 1 “Velvet” double weight -expired Feb. 1, 1951

    8x10 25-sheet envelopes:
    Cykora Grade 2 “Kashmir White” double weight -expired Jan. 1, 1952
    --5 and a third sheets
    Brovira Grade 3 “Glossy” single weight-expired Aug. 1, 1951
    --13 sheets, heavy fog-paper curved short-ways
    Cykora Grade 4 “Glossy” single weight -expired Jan 1, 1952
    --17 sheets, heavy fog and curved short ways

    8x10 100-sheet box:
    Brovira Grade 2 “Velvet” single weight -expired Nov. 1, 1951
    --69 sheets that are low on fog but apparently quite warped/curvey

    8.5x11 250-sheet box:
    Kodabromide A-3, light weight -expired Jan. 1951
    --68 sheets, medium base fog but again, warped paper base.


    So yeah, perfect to try printing on some vintage paper, or maybe just fix the paper and recoat it with your own emulsion. Also perfect display items if you have other equipment of the era that it would go along with. I’ve included pictures of all of the boxes and envelopes to give you an idea of what the paper and boxes look like.

    Pictures here: http://s2.photobucket.com/albums/y46/Samuraiwarrior2/Vintage%20Paper/You should be able to access 1200x1800 images of all of the items included.

    I would like $50 shipped in CONUS.

    Thank you for looking, I hope that this paper brings back some memories for you!