FS :- Leica M2 with 35mm f3.5 summaron

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    Feb 15, 2013
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    Hi friends,

    Want to sell my Leica M2 which has been CLAed by Youxin Ye about 2 weeks back. It is a button rewind version and apart from a few marks on the top plate and back, its in immaculate condition.

    Attached with it comes the Leica Summaron 35mm f3.5 lens CLAed by DAG on 8/12 and is absolutely spotless in excellant + condition. No haze , no oil on blades and the focus and aperture is as smooth as possible.

    Asking for $1200 for the entire combo.

    Payable through paypal only or trade for an excellant condition M6 or M7 with money on my part .
    Please pm me for the same.

    Sorry for the picture quality as I don't have a digital camera to take pics.. Taken with mobile camera

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