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    Years ago I had a Calumet 4x5 monorail view camera and was using it at the bottom of an overgrown ravine. With the lush canopy overhead filtering out the sun, I pulled the dark cloth over my head, trying to block every photon of outside light and I still couldn't see a darn thing on the old, original Calumet ground glass. My buddy next to me didn't even need a dark cloth: he stood back a couple of feet from the back of his camera, examining every corner of the image with ease. I don't recall what brand of improved ground glass he had but I bought one as soon as I got home and have never regretted it. Beattie has been the standard for a long time: you owe it to your tired, straining, aching eyes to buy this thing now!

    Here's your chance to own one of the best and brightest! Ground glass, that is: from the estate of a local collector, in original box with original packaging, I don't think it was ever used. A Beattie Intenscreen Plus marked Calumet 540 with 1/2" grid, with anti-reflective glass. Part # 85110. The glass measures 127mm (really, really close to 5") by 101mm (4", pretty darn close) and has corners clipped by about 1/2". New these things are $462: this one's only $175 plus postage. I take Paypal or USPS money orders (United States Postal Service ONLY!) It's a small box and doesn't weigh much so even packed inside another box it won't cost much to mail (might even fit into a USPS Small Flat-Rate Priority Mail) box, which I think is $4.95 these days to anywhere in the continental United States.

    Thanks for looking! Thanks even more for buying! :D


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