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    Jul 22, 2005
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    Some of you folks who missed the two filters and lens cap I had last week seemed genuinely interested in having a new or at least different identity, disappointed to have missed the first opportunity and I can understand and appreciate that. Why every day on our news it seems somebody or the other has been caught by some digital image device using their pickup to drag an ATM home with them or doing something they're not supposed to be doing and...well, what that means is there must be over 2,000,000 of these cameras just in Dallas alone and...well, what that means is sometimes you might want that digital image making device to think you're somebody else and there are times when you might want to be mistaken for a celebrity. So right here on APUG with nothing up my sleeves and my hands completely connected to my wrists, I'm going to offer you some magic. Here I have a brand new Texas Rangers baseball cap autographed by Frank Lucchesi. Never worn even once, with the little cardboard piece still in it. Who's Frank? Well, based on my experience, I'd say Frank is a swell guy. Great sense of humor, great memory and an impressive knowledge of baseball. Managed 3 teams as I recall (Cubs, Rangers and Phillies). How'd I get the cap? Frank gave it to me one night after we'd watched a game and eaten a bunch of stadium food and talked about this and that. So buy it. Give me $10 plus the cost of postage (shouldn't be much...it doesn't weigh much being just a cap) and when you get it, put on the cap and a pair of sunglasses and presto! That digital image device will think you're Frank and just out having a little fun. Close examination of the images will prove you're Frank. Why? Because you wrote your name on the bill with a Marks-A-Lot...you didn't want guys in the locker room running off with the wrong one, did you? Of course not. Is it worth anything? I doubt there are many of these around and one in a lot worse shape than this sold at an auction for $50 in 2006: http://tinyurl.com/l4unxoq

    Check, cash or money order for folks in the USA, please. PayPal ok for international sales.

    Questions? Please ask...

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