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    Sep 11, 2004
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    Hey now,
    A while back a generous customer made me a long term loan of an X-Rite 361T to do some film testing. I would like to pay back his generosity by making the following offer: the first twenty folks who would like to do some film testing but lack access to a densitometer are welcome to contact me by PM and arrange to get their film read. It is my hope that I may able share my good fortune with the larger community by doing so.

    Ground rules.

    Open to the 1st twenty people who contact me.
    One film/dev combination each, if less than twenty folks [but at least 1 :smile:] are interested, then I will allow folks "seconds" .
    Priority for seconds will be given to those who propose new film/dev combinations.
    Roll or sheet is ok, but if want to test 35m film please avoid the "35mm" Stouffer wedge as the patches will be too small to read.
    You agree that the data produced will be made available publically to the APUG community.
    I am offering my time at no charge. As such I hope to be treated cordially by anyone who participates. That means things like giving me time to get the job done and including an SASE if you want you film back etc.
    21 step (.15) wedges please.

    I have been focusing on developing a backlog of film recently and, as such, have had cause to look at both mfg. and web resources for film developing info. I don't know about anyone else but when I see a time and temperature listed in a table it raises as many questions as it answers. As a quick example, the "big 3" all assume a different gamma when quoting a "normal" developing time. There really is no substitute for critical testing. However that does not mean that each photographer must read the film personally to make the results personally valid. This seems (to me anyway) a nice area in which to harness the power of the larger community.