experimenting with oilprints

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    Sep 1, 2005
    Hi - I am just about to start experimenting with oilprints.

    This question is really for oil-prints, I cannot start with Bromoils as at present my darkroom is out of commission, The question of exposure for Bromoils is really just a matter of producing a reasonable print.

    I have all the required bits and bobs so far. However one thing I cannot seem to find on the 'net and in the couple of books I have on the subject (Bromoils and Oilprints) is how to judge the exposure.

    Can you tell from examination of the matrix if exposure is good or do you have to go through the inking stage before you can tell if exposure is under or over.

    I will expose using a Phillips facial tanning lamp - I used this last year for some Cyanotypes and got some reasonable results.

    Any help with this problems would be most appreciated

    Thanks in advance