Development time compensation with Rollei digibase C41

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    Mar 26, 2012
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    Hi Everybody!

    I have just registered, new on this forum, it's my first thread/post, but I've been reading APUG forums for some time I found it a great source of information.

    I know that C41 colour development with Rollei Digibase has been discussed many times, but I still have some questions. I think it is due to the fact that the manufacturer instructions are not that clear and accurate (e.g. it does not indicate any wash need between bleach and fixing). My question is about the development compensation. User instructions gives 3 min 15 sec colour development time, but does not say anything about the time increase with each run. Say, I have 0.5l working solution where I can develop at least 10 rolls. I develop in my tank 2 rolls per each run, so what about first 2 rolls vs following 2 vs #5&6, vs #7&8, vs #9&10? So far I have not been using any compensation, results were OK, but...

    Another question is about the agitation. Let's say for the colour development -instructions say: 15 sec of continuous agitation at start, then one agitation every 30 sec. I am puzzled here - how should it work for rotary tanks (say Jobo processor) where the agitation is continuous?

    So far I developed more than 30 rolls (I have bought 5L kit). My results are mixed, but I am using exclusively expired film, so not sure if some colour shifts that I get at times are more attributed to the expired film or the imperfections of my process...