Dallmeyer 9" Wide angle anastigmat

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    I sadly need to raise some funds. Looking at my lens collection I have realised that I have lenses in my possession that in all likelihood I will never use or never use to their potential. One of these lenses is the aforementioned Dallmeyer 9 inch Wide Angle Anastigmat If only because of film costs it is extremely unlikely now that I will want to shoot bigger than 12x10.

    I have two problems firstly I have never sold a lens so am not really sure how to. What I mean by that is I do not know how to list it in such away as to come to the attention of what I am I am sure is a relatively small bunch of people who might be interested in a 9 inch lens that covers 100 degrees.

    It is the longest wide angle lens that Dallmeyer produced. It is of the same double Gauss design as the Cooke series VIIb and the Meyer Wide Aristostigmat.

    T.T.& H and Dallmeyer produced very similar ranges of wide angle lenses both in design and quality but Dallmeyer produced a slightly wider range. I am pretty sure T.T.& H only built the Cooke Series VIIb up to 8 1/4 inch. Whereas Dallmeyer extended their Series XXIII Wide Angle Anastigmat range up to this 9 inch one. I have an earlyish uncoated 8 inch version of the Cooke lens that I intend to retain to use on 10x12. At the other end of the scale Dallmeyer also produced a very useful 60mm lens which T.T.&H omitted from their range. Dallmeyer rated the 9" to cover 15x12 at f16 though presumably it would cover substantially more if stopped down further Having said that I would hate to speculate just how much coverage it does have.

    The other problem is I'm not really sure of its value though I am pretty sure of it's rarity. I have never seen or even heard of another one.

    Any suggestions that you might have for me would be very greatly appreciated.

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    you've got my attention...sent you a pm

    protars in that size seem to be asking priced about 1000 bucks...that's asking not selilng that I've seen...never heard of this lens till now, but i"m interested for 11x14....