Bulk Purchase for 5x7 Kodak Portra 160NC Film

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    (this is a duplicate posting from the color film forum to try to maximize readership, apologies for my rude behavior, but I think the cause justifies the means)

    For all 5x7 photographers interested in shooting color, Kodak has basically taken Portra 160NC off the market by requiring minimum purchase orders of sixty boxes, fifty sheets and $200 each, for a refrigerator packing 3000 sheets of film and a $12,000 outlay. Obviously, this is untenable. The only other color film available in the US is Provia 100F. Many of us feel that Portra and the C-41 negative process produces better results than can be achieved with Provia.

    Therefore, we have organized a bulk purchase through Badger Graphic. Jeff, the owner of Badger, has most kindly offered to take orders without any downpayment necessary from anyone interested in purchasing the Portra film (this despite the fact that he is also the only purveyor of the 5x7 Provia in this country). The price will be the same $200 that B&H used to charge when the fifty sheet boxes were available as single units. When we achieve Kodaks minimum order size, Jeff will place the order and payment will be due (I imagine). Kodak has said that the order will be cut from fresh emulsion stock so there will be no worries about early outdating of the film.

    This is probably the last opportunity that any of us will have to purchase this film in 5x7 format, or any C-41 film in 5x7. I urge all interested photographers to go to the website www.badgergraphic.com, the film can be selected (surprisingly enough) in the 5x7 film category. Jeff is also available by phone (number on the website) for questions.

    Again, I want to stress that this bulk purchase is it for your current and future needs for 5x7 C-41 film. There is simply nothing else, here, in Europe, or in Japan. Take advantage now, or never.
    Larry Segil
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    And with the US dollar so week vs the Euro, the film is practically FREE for folks in Europe :smile:
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    Larry, please take this in the positive spirit I intend. I don't think your posting these same words in multiple categories here as well as at the LF forum (and who knows where else) is a good way to achieve your goal.

    First, although I'm a long-time customer of Jeff's and admire his initiative, note that B&H now has a minimum order of 30, not 60 boxes:


    Second, if you'd like to encourage those who have shot 5x7 color negative in the past to keep doing so, as well as motivate those who haven't used this product previously to try it, stating that this is the last time it will ever be available is counterproductive. You might do better to offer some hope that bulk purchases can be organized on a regular basis going forward. Even if that means you need to be the consolidator, 30 boxes is easier to reach than 60.

    Again, best of luck with this. I'd really like to see you succeed. :smile: