Bergger BPFB-18 for Enlarged Negs.

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    Feb 8, 2003
    Enlarged Negs.

    I want to enlarge 120 to 8x10. I had bought some Bergger BPFB from Bostick Sullivan to do this. Here is their explanation of the product for those who not not know of it.

    "Bergger BPFB-18 continuous tone copy film for making enlarged negatives from interpositives in sizes from 8x10 to 20x24. This is not a lith film, but a true full range film on a thick 18 mil polyester base. BPFB-18 can be developed in a wide range of paper and film developers, from dektol to pyro.*It is orthochromatic (red safelight okay) so you can develop by inspection in the darkroom. Easy to use and produces great results for alternative printing."

    I prefer not to go thru a 2 step process, making a positive and then a negative. Has anyone tried a one step b&w reversal process on any orthochromatic film for any alt printing that they can comment on it. I will be using Delta 120 either in Pyrocat or Xtol.
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    1.) I don't know , you may be try but ortho film are sensittive to sodium light. It is fa better to work with red safe light.

    2.)It wil work perfectly. I use to work with diret negative making with ortho film . you may find some information in good photographic book , if not I can add the formula and method I use here.
    I have no problem whatever the film I use and the developer. I 'vr got old neg I develop in rodinal or microdol X and also new on Acros with PMk and they al give great result.