Beautiful Vintage Bausch & Lomb in Compound Shutter

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    If you're wishing for a 100 year old piece that is in a usable shutter, this lens is your baby.


    Bausch & Lomb had some kind of arrangement with Deckel. I thought maybe they paid for licensing to produce the Compound shutters in USA but this one clearly states Made in Germany.


    In any case, it is in superb usable running condition and all of the speeds sound spot on.

    This is a Tessar Series 1c. That means it's the f4.5 version. It says it's a 5X8 lens, but that's conservative. It might just cover 8X10 and would surely cover 6.5X8.5 with some movements. Focal length is 8¼" according to the 1912 catalog.


    It comes with a flange, and it is ready to make some beautiful photographs. I've got a couple around here if I can find them. It is a pleasure to use. $265 + shipping