Artist Film Workshop - 28th Oct, Melb, Carlton

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    Thought I would post this here.

    What’s it about?

    It's about open screenings. It's about artists working on film. It's about creating a context and community for artists working on film. It's about screening (openly!) film on film. It's about using film and learning to use film.

    It's about established film artists and first time film users. It's about film only open-screenings. It's about discussion and using and working and experimenting with film. It's about artists playing and making and screening experimental work on film. It's about visual artists and video artists experimenting with being film artists.

    It's about visual and video artists screening film elements of their work on film. It's about creating a context for experimental film-makers to show and discuss their work. It's about artists learning about and using film for the first time.

    It's about works-in-progress and single roll experiments and film sketches and film finished films. It's about doing and talking. It's about you bringing your own film for the screening. It's about screenings on 16mm, super 8, 8mm, un-slit 8mm, double super 8. Single screen, multiple screen, multiple projector. Get the idea?

    Why a ‘workshop’?

    Yes, these are screenings, but they are ‘open’ screenings. That means you bring your own film, un-announced. You bring film material that you are working on or playing with or experimenting with or films you have finished. It’s a ‘workshop’ because its about involvement. And it’s a workshop because its about discussion. And it’s a workshop because its about works-in-progress and sketches and experiments just as much as finished films. And it’s a workshop because its about learning to work with film yourself.

    Why ‘Artist Film’ Workshop? It comes from the expression ‘artist film and video’ but without the video! These screenings are about film. That includes screening and discussing film elements from works that will ultimately have a digital or video finish.

    How can I get involved?

    By turning up. With a film if you have one, but you can still come along whether you have a film to show or not.

    To get on our mailing list for occasional email information about coming screenings and practical workshops, please email

    By getting involved you'll have access to hard-to-find or hard-to-access or hard-to-afford materials. If you have never used film before, you can get access to knowledge and join a community of film artists.