Art Classic / Art document gone...

Discussion in 'Product Availability' started by George Papantoniou, Mar 3, 2006.

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    Mar 21, 2005
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    After a visit on Silverprint's site today:

    Art Document (going) Art Classic (gone)

    Unavailability of the paper base has resulted in Kentmere winding up these two papers, which is a tragedy as they both offered unique characteristics, not emulated by other manufacturers.

    Art Classic at the time of writing (28/2/06) is completely out of stock at Kentmere, and we have only a little left, check stock. Document Art, (in its later double weight version on the same paper base) is still available from stock at Kentmere, although how long this will last is uncertain. From previous experience, as soon as it is public knowlege that a paper is about to cease, panic buying by existing users depletes the stock quickly.

    I also read about Oriental Seagull not being Oriental anymore, that made me sad...