Ansco 5x7 to be restored

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    Oct 26, 2002
    I have had a beautiful old wood (in the original unpainted finish ) Ansco 5x7 camera with the rear extension bed languishing in the closet. The camera has front and rear movements. All controls are operative, but tight. There is some corrosion on the metal parts, but all are in place and fine. I am looking for a well qualified person to restore the camera, i.e., spiff up and either polish or refinish the wood, clean up the metal, replace worn screws,realign ( as needed ) the standards, possibly replace the bellows, etc.. I want to use the camera, not resell it. Other then the very well known and thought of Mr. Ritter, does anybody have knowledge of another recommended and honest wood LF camera "restorer"? I don't feel that I have the metal and word working skills to do justice to this camera which can be made to be quite beautiful as well as returned to an "as new" state of functioning. Thanks.