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    I have some AGFA REFINAL fine grain film developer I do no more use because I banned M-Q from my dark room. It is a stock I bought when Agfa got in to troubles.
    Refinal is a fine-grain compensating developer for maximum processing constancy, good yield, storage life, push processing and as a replenished stock or diluted.
    I used it mainly for push processing what it does very good!
    I have tested it and it still works good.

    What I have is :
    1 box of 5 x 5 lit bags developer, unopened
    3 bags for 5 lit developer
    2 boxes of 5 x 5 lit bags replenisher, unopened

    I do not know what this lot is worth but I will exchange this, as one whole lot, against any good offer plus p&p in the EU only.