After seeing these, I understand that I don't have any problems.

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    You and I don't have any problems. These people do. -----

    I live near Seattle and this week saw an exhibit at the Photo Center NorthWest:
    Jonathan Moller: Our Culture is Our Resistance:
    Repression, Refuge, and Healing in Guatemala

    This exhibit only runs through the end of the month. If you can get there, do. I have seen every show they have had in the last six years and this is the most powerful I have seen.

    Unfortunately little is available on line. There is a book that accompanies this collection but I do not know its distribution.

    Mr. Moller spent eight years documenting the Myan people of Guatemala surviving and living with the aftermath of their government's attempted genocide of them. It is an incredably powerful collection of images. If there is any chance at all that you can get there, don't miss it. I have seen it twice and hope to get back again before it is gone.

    These are very poor native people living their lives while recovering the mass graves of their family members who were slaughtered by the government (with US assitants though this is not an empahsis of the show). These are pictures that Gene Smith would have been proud to have made. The work is technicaly excellent but the strength lies in the connection one feels with the subjects. I left the exhibit greatly depressed but better informed about the vassiitudes of life. Later that day I understood that I have some annoiances in life but that I didn't understand the meaning of problems.

    For any of you that are members over on APUG (I think you need to be a member to view the galleries) take a look at the work of a member who goes by the name of [font=verdana,arial]Sportera He has been doing an amazing documentary the Katrina devistation. If you are not a member, this work is worth the price of admission.

    Between these two collections, I see that pretty much any problems I have are on the order of my steak being overcooked.

    Both collections are coherient. comprehensive bodies of work that deserve a wider audience. If can can see either or both, do.