ABS Floats

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    Nov 13, 2003
    %^%$#$@^&%^%$ ABS floats.

    I finally got enough movement in my back which I reinjured one week after injuring it the first time so I have been out of commision for a while. I figured it was time to create the multi sheet stand development tank. I pulled out the immaculatly clean Homer Bucket from Home Depot. Cut the pipe and found out I could fit 7 tubes in it. That was more than I expected. I was very happy until I went into the bathroom to see how much developer would be needed. I did not light proof the bucket yet because I was a tad too anxious. I poured water in one gallon at a time. I got four gallons in and POP the tubes shot half way out of the water.

    I tried a couple different things to sink them but nothing short of a thick steel plate was gonna wark. Anyway, no matter what I use, I would be afraid that as I agited the developer, the tubes would not reseat comepletly under the developer.

    Off to plan B....As soon as I figure out what it is. Since the bucket will be light tight when I am done I may use PVC. If I remember correctly it sinks.

    My wife just did not understand. Had to tell folks who would at least know what I was talking about.