4x5 Horseman monorail

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    My ebay searching does not lead me to find a value for what this camera body has recently been worth. I purchased the camera on ebay in 2007 as an LE, but the rail that came with it is expandable from 400mm to 700mm, this, by my research, makes the rail originally supposed to be with either the LS, LX, LX-C models. I'm unsure what a reasonable offer would be right now as I'm still researching it, but I'm offering this camera (and 2 lens boards) for sale. Make an offer.

    You can view some details for the camera here: http://komamura.co-site.jp/manual/HORSEMAN/HORSEMAN_L_Series_manual.pdf

    The only issue I've had is that the lock levers for the front and rear swing will loosen, the visible nut seen behind the lever in the 3rd photo from the left has to be tightened. Once the nut is tightend up a bit, it locks quite securely, but the repeated unlocking will loosen the nut. The camera has zero detents.

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