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E-6 Developing

The First Volley

A new discussion group which has yet to have anything to discuss? Well...given the name of our group, let's start the conversation! 1). Professional E6 labs: Who have you used and who can you recommend? And, more narrowly on this issue, can anyone offer advice on E6 labs here on the Left Coast (US and Canada)? 2). If home-processing is your preference, which "kit" are you using? 3). Preferred E6 emulsions and their usage (i.e. Kodak vs Fuji/ film for people vs things/your ISO vs. Kodak's/Fuji's box speed)?
4). Cross-processing: What films have you used and what have been the results? I would like it a go but would like some guidance as it were; I have been a Kodachrome shooter my entire life (until that Black Day), after which I began using E100G and E100VS (both in 35mm and 120). I would like to torture some well-expired C41 emulsions as my initial forays into "cross-pro." Sooo.... let's get up with it. Time to come out of the woodwork and join in! :munch:
Hi, even I am not in the States, lets keep it rolling ..........

1) I develope my own E-6
2) Tetenal 3-process kit (want to try Kodak 6-process kit if I can get it easily, to see any difference)
3&4) I shoot 6x6, 4x5 and 8x10. I perfer Kodak E100VS, but shoot some Fuji RVP 100F and E100G

The E100VS gives much better colour on skin tone, IMHO, but its green layer can get washed away if the temp is not controlled properly and going high.
Fuji has slightly better margin on temp control.
Hi everyone, I'm looking for a professional E6 lab in the Ann Arbor Michigan area. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks.
Thanks. It's about 5 hours drive up north from Ann Arbor.

I'll be flying to Newark Airport and onwards to London. Any suggestion whether it's a good idea to pack some fujichrome film in my hand carry bag? How strong is the x-ray machine and will it damage the film during security check? Do I have rights to ask for a manual check (how is it done)?
I've had two rolls of 120 E-6 developed by Manhattan Color Labs.
Extremely satisfied with the service, and the price !

4 West 20th Street
(between 5th Ave & Avenue Of The Americas)
New York, NY 10011

Am getting back into E-6. Recently acquired an RB67 and a Jobo CPP2 for this purpose. I plan to order one of the Arista rapid kits for my first return to souping. I would appreciate the benefit of anyone else's experience. Cheers!
Welcome To APUG !

I'm on the same path, I bought an RB67 a few months ago, started running some E6 through The Beast.
I bought The Tetanal 5Liter Kit from FreeStyle, and received some tanks, and reels yesterday.
Now I'm nervous, The Tetanal instruction are not very " Idiot Friendly " so it will take me a while to absorb the details.

May The Photographic Phorce Be With You !

I used to develop E-6, using a Jobo CPP+ and the Kodak kit, but then migrated to B&W. I am now wanting to get back into colour transparencies, so I went to get a chemical kit and found that they are no longer available (Kodak kits). I ended up getting the Tetanal kit from Freestyle and will be trying that out soon - as others have noted, I am interested in what people have seen using this kit.
Getting closer. Have 6x7 camera, Jobo processor, and received delivery of the last part of my processor purchase today, the rest of the seller's E-6 chemicals. It looks like reversal, color developer, pre-bleach, bleach, and fixer. So still need to source a few bottles of chemicals and get a couple of reels and a drum in my hands. Oh, and also find something worth pointing some Velvia 50 at. Inbox set to "advice welcome". Stand by for updates.
It's been a year since my last post.

I tried The Color House Inc. of New York this week.
located at 177 Lafayette St. NY, NY 10013. They are open until at least 9:00pm EST. during the week.
That way I can avoid Manhattan while the sun is shining . . .
Dropped off a few assorted rolls, including FujiChrome 100. Picked up the next evening, I was so nervous waiting to see the results.
I was a bit perturbed that it cost $14.99 per roll with medium resolution scans, but it's my fault that I haven't started work on the home darkroom as yet.
Extremely satisfied with the service, and the pleasant attitude of the staff.

Here in the Atlanta area have a look at Dunwoody Photo They have weekly E 6 runs, 35mm, 120, 220 and ..... 4 x 5. I haven't tried they yet, I'm expecting some mailers this coming week. From talking with them on the 'phone, they sound like they know what they're doing. :smile: contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.
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