WTT or sell: Plus-x 35mm and 120 film for...

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    I have a bunch of Plus-x 120 (approximately 50 rolls) and a 100ft roll of 35mm film that I would be willing to trade for Ilford FP4 (in 120 format only -I have lots of 35mm). Despite Plus-x being my film of choice for med/slow film, I've adopted a workflow with FP4 that I am going to stick with, because as soon as the plus-x is gone, I'll have to make a switch anyway. I know there's some die-hards out there who would love to get their paws on this, so I'm offering it up for a trade/sale. It has been frozen since purchase and there is no base fog that I can detect between the 2010 expired stuff and the 2006. 90% of the film expired in 2009 and 2010 along with the bulk roll. I will post exactly what I have when I am home in the next few days. I could also use the money, so any interested buyers can also send me offers, but I do not want to part it out to more than 2 people, so anyone interested would need to commit to at least 50% of what I have up for grabs. I definitely need some FP4 in 120 format soon, so I need to trade at least some of this stuff for some 120 if I can and if there's someone out there who wants a bunch, but only has a few rolls of FP4 in 120 to offer, I can do a film/cash deal as well. I am still using the 120 film on a monthly basis, so rest assured, this stuff is good and I guarantee it.