WTT: Film/anything I have for sale --> 8x10 or 11x14 Contact frame

Discussion in '[Classifieds] For Trade' started by DanielStone, Mar 16, 2010.

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    Dec 30, 2008
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    hey guys,

    as you probably know, I have a good bit of stuff up for sale(see For Sale listings).

    I'm in the market for an 8x10 or 11x14 contact frame, preferably the latter, but I'm open to both.

    if you have one you'd be interested in trading for anything I have up for sale(reasonable trades that is :wink:), I'd be open to all offers.

    let me know if you have something, send a picture or two

    Kodak-style ones are preferred, doesn't need split back(doesn't hurt if it does though), since I don't do alt-process.