WTB Toyo 45 tech field camera

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    I've got a Cambo 4x5 studio monorail. It's too cumbersome for field use. I do not know why I bought this camera when I'm mostly into landscape. I have also, a Gundlach Korona. It is a poor choice for any wide angle work (which I do a LOT of) using my 90mm Schneider Super Angulon and the ground glass is very old school (dim even after thorough cleaning) so I would rather not use that camera. This leaves for me my last 4x5 choice currently, which is my Zero Image (pinhole) and while I'm often shooting pinhole it's not my only thing.

    OR, I can bite the bullet and spend the $$'s to get what I really feel I need/want/desire. If I can find the following for the right price, I could be swayed to purchase today, instead of pay off my truck a few months early. This is my wish list. To find all the below from one seller as a package deal:

    • Toyo models 45A, 45AII, 45AX, 45CN, 45CX
    • normal and bag bellows
    • copal 0 recessed board
    • copal 0,1,2 normal flat boards
    • groundglass hood
    • reflex viewer

    If you're interested in selling, send me a message first okay? I'm not feeling the eBay trust/love thing anymore after the last few items purchased. I'd rather buy from a photographer at this stage.