WTB: Flange and Lens Hood for old Voigtlander lens

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    I've got a hefty Voigtlander petzval lens with an achromat that was recently recemented by John @ Focal Point, but this lens lacks a lens hood and flange. If you have any old Voigtlander parts laying around, I'll be happy to buy the right ones. Since John was able to do his magic and breathe new life into this beast, I need at least a flange to give it a good mount and put it back into operation. No, I'm not interested in gaskets and hose clamps to mount this lens.
    Flange threads have in internal diameter of 135mm. Lens hood threads have an internal diameter of about 125mm. I suppose I need to get a gauge to measure thread pitch just to make sure. For now, let's see if anyone has known Voigtlander pieces laying around...

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    Some beast,

    I have found that the front threads on Voigtlander lenses are for the front elephant retaining ring and do not accept filter/lens hood mounts - This means the easiest lens hood system is a bellows one that mounts on the front standard of the camera

    I use a black plastic flower pot held on with gaffer's tape on my 36cm Heliar - This was a very temporary measure for one picture, but that was about four years ago and nothing has changed except the gaffer's tape