WTB 4x5 Pinhole camera (zeroimage, harman/ilford, etc)

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    Apr 30, 2007
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    I got about 100 sheets of FP4 and HP5 4x5 film for $5 the other day and want to shoot it, but I sold my 4x5 years ago. So, I thought I'd try a crack at 4x5 pinhole photography as I have a 4x5 enlarger and it's pretty intriguing to me. I got holders already with anticipation to buy a 4x5 pinhole. I'd rather not make my own -I'm pretty hard on my equipment and I want something I can throw in the saddle bag of my motorcycle or in my backpack constantly, so it needs to be rugged.

    -25-35mm (35mm equivalent) wide angle. No longer, no wider please.
    -rugged (wood or metal)
    -shipping to Canada
    -takes 4x5 holders
    -I don't want a 4x5 that tries to replicate the sharpness or clarity of a 4x5 camera, but also don't want a distorted sense of reality with extremely soft and harshly drawn in vignetting.
    -able to mount to a tripod.

    I haven't shot pinhole in a while and not in 4x5 format ever, so I'm not sure what I really want, but let me know what you have and I'll do the research. I don't know how well something like a cheap B&J or Cambo with pinhole board would hold up, but I'm interested in that too if the buyer can share their experience with that system.

    Thanks in advance.
    email me: jordan at jordanstarrphotography.com for a quicker response
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    Feb 9, 2010
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    Seems to me that any 4x5 camera would do. I think a press camera might work for you, fold it up and bang it around - perfect for a motorcycle. Your wide-angle equivalent comes from putting the "focus" closer to the body because pinholes are always in focus.